Magnolia Plantation Weddings with KMP

Top Gun
I know it may sound cliché, but meeting Erik for the first time my first thought was ‘Tom Cruise’. The fact that he’s an Air Force pilot just made the cliché stick.

Natalie at first glance reminds you of a young Jennifer Anniston. I chided with another photographer that we were lucky to experience what it was to like to shoot Tom & Jenny’s wedding.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens is probably the most beautiful garden in the state of South Carolina, if not the US. If seemed a fitting venue not only for a ‘celebrity’ wedding, but for us mere mortals as well. Incidentally, this beautiful garden was the location of Erik & Natalie’s first date. It almost seems like the beginning of a fairy tale story.
Here’s to the happily ever after.


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Kevin Maurice is a published, Bridal, High School Senior, and Lifestyle portrait photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina. Enjoy more of his photography, art, and writing at You can also connect with Kevin via Facebook and Twitter
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10 Responses to Magnolia Plantation Weddings with KMP

  1. These are absolutely stunning wedding photos from Magnolia Plantations and Gardens! What a fabulous spot for a Charleston Wedding. Gorgeous set of an Air Force wedding. Really gorgeous work.

  2. TMM says:

    Very romantic. Very sweet. Good job.

  3. Danielle Schuh says:

    Military weddings always tug at my heart! And Tom Cruise doesn’t hold a candle to this happy groom! They look like a great couple and you did a great job capturing the love. Love your style!

  4. Andrea says:

    What a gorgeous bride! The photos of the happy couple (and everything else) is divine!

  5. Rain says:

    Absolutely stunning images. Your use of light is simply masterful. Beautiful wedding photography. Well done!

  6. Amy S says:

    Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a stunning wedding venue! You captured their wedding day perfectly. Definitely a great looking couple for a wedding photographer. Well done!!

  7. Lovely wedding images at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens! The portraits of the couple are wonderful. Well done!

  8. Parker Radbourne says:

    Great images, you make South Carolina look like the perfect wedding location!

  9. Stunning photography by Kevin Maurice at one of the most beautiful places on earth, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens! The Carriage House is such a uniquely gorgeous place to have a wedding, but this couple makes it look even better.

  10. Daniel says:

    Such a gorgeous bride, you captured her wedding day beautifully at Magnolia Plantations and Gardens!

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