Fripp Island Wedding with Kevin

Donna and Hunter went all out for the beachfront wedding they truly deserved on the beautiful, Fripp Island. Gorgeous weather, as always. was bountiful in the pleasantly temperate October air.

The island is known for it’s luxurious resort and focus on natural conservation! In some of the images below, you’ll see just how “close” to nature you can get on Fripp Island; namely the deer which aren’t afraid to ask for a bite to eat!

Miles of beach on each side of the ceremony let the guests drift away to a tropical paradise and feel the ocean air as they witness the union of Donna and Hunter. The ocean itself allowed some breathtaking portraits to come out and capture the beauty and serenity of this incredible wedding.

I so enjoyed this wedding from beginning to end. It was like being on vacation at work!

1_Fripp Island Wedding-8
1_Fripp Island Wedding-3
1_Fripp Island Wedding-2
1_Fripp Island Wedding-7


2_Fripp Island Wedding
2_Fripp Island Wedding-4
2_Fripp Island Wedding-6
2_Fripp Island Wedding-5


3_Fripp Island Wedding-11
3_Fripp Island Wedding-12
3_Fripp Island Wedding-10


4_Fripp Island Wedding-13
4_Fripp Island Wedding-16
4_Fripp Island Wedding-15
4_Fripp Island Wedding-14


5_Fripp Island Wedding-22
5_Fripp Island Wedding-18
5_Fripp Island Wedding-17


6_Fripp Island Wedding-19
6_Fripp Island Wedding-20
6_Fripp Island Wedding-21
7_Fripp Island Wedding-23


8_Fripp Island Wedding-26
8_Fripp Island Wedding-25
8_Fripp Island Wedding-24


9_Fripp Island Wedding-28
9_Fripp Island Wedding-27
9_Fripp Island Wedding-29


10_Fripp Island Wedding-31
10_Fripp Island Wedding-30


11_Fripp Island Wedding-32


12_Fripp Island Wedding-33
12_Fripp Island Wedding-34
12_Fripp Island Wedding-35


13_Fripp Island Wedding-9
13_Fripp Island Wedding-37
13_Fripp Island Wedding-36


14_Fripp Island Wedding-38
14_Fripp Island Wedding-39


15_Fripp Island Wedding-40
15_Fripp Island Wedding-41
15_Fripp Island Wedding-42


16_Fripp Island Wedding-43


16_Fripp Island Wedding-44
17_Fripp Island Wedding-45


18_Fripp Island Wedding-47
18_Fripp Island Wedding-48
18_Fripp Island Wedding-46


19_Fripp Island Wedding-49
19_Fripp Island Wedding-51
19_Fripp Island Wedding-50


20_Fripp Island Wedding-53
20_Fripp Island Wedding-52


21_Fripp Island Wedding-54
21_Fripp Island Wedding-55


22_Fripp Island Wedding-57
22_Fripp Island Wedding-56
23_Fripp Island Wedding-58
23_Fripp Island Wedding-59


24_Fripp Island Wedding-60
25_Fripp Island Wedding-61


26_Fripp Island Wedding-63
26_Fripp Island Wedding-64
26_Fripp Island Wedding-65
26_Fripp Island Wedding-62

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