Charleston engagements with Amanda + Zach

Amanda + Zachary = Engaged!

Zach and Amanda sitting in a tree…… Well, something like that. We do know that this young couple exemplifies life, love, and happiness. You can see it in their eyes. These guys are completely ‘gaga’ for each other, and we were honored to be invited to witness the surprise engagement Zach planned for Amanda.

You read that correct: Zach managed to lure Amanda to the Charleston waterfront to pop the question in a manner so romantic and in a tradition so far removed it seemed foreign. Charleston Waterfront was the location of their first date; it seemed the perfect place to ask for her hand in marriage.

It was quite a task to remain inconspicuous loaded down with camera gear, but we managed to do so and I’ll save the story of our Charleston engagements for later. Right now we’ll observe Zach & Amanda sitting in a tree…….

Or something like that..

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