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August location test – Kevin Maurice Photography

As a photographer, one of the things on our constant agenda is to seek out and explore locations. Most photographers are avid travelers by nature. We’re not only on the look for something beautiful; we’re constantly viewing nature & our surroundings with art in mind….. Or at least I am.

As I travel up and down, back and forth, left & right on our country’s roads and highways, ‘scanning’ has become something of an art form in itself. A 3-hour trip in a car usually takes me 4.5 hours. Mainly because I love to stop and look, take in scenery, and log these items into my mental rolodex.

On one such occasion, we not only had the opportunity to test a location, we were able to provide something neat for a couple of clients & good friends of ours. Soliciting the help of Ms. DeBorah of DeBorah’s Bridal,  we set out to ‘test’ something that had been on my mind for a while.

The first image came from a test at a location we’ve wanted to shoot for a while. The second was to illustrate the care & attention of Ms. DeBorah’s hand. The third was born from a conversation that went along the lines, “I would love to have a vow renewal if only for the images we never received from the first…”




About Kevin

Kevin Maurice is a published, Bridal, High School Senior, and Lifestyle portrait photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina. Enjoy more of his photography, art, and writing at www.kevinmaurice.com. You can also connect with Kevin via Facebook and Twitter
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