Isle of Palms Wedding: Kevin Maurice Photography

Isle of Palms wedding: Michael + Cody = Married

There’s nothing better than being on the beach. Except of course being on the beach shooting a wedding. Come to think of it, Beach House + Wedding + cake = flat out awesomeness.

Michael ‘aka’ Mikey is an interesting guy. Member of the U.S. Coast Guard, quiet, and shy type almost fits the description of someone you wouldn’t notice. Not Mikey. At first glance he’s the type of guy that gives you pause- mainly because like most competition body-builders, Mikey is HUGE. It seems only fitting that the love of his life looks like she stepped out of an aerobics class. Cody & Mikey are 2 of the coolest people you’ll meet. We’re glad to have had the chance to be with them on an awesome day at the beach.

I think I’ll go for a run now.CMClark-1


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Kevin Maurice is a published, Bridal, High School Senior, and Lifestyle portrait photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina. Enjoy more of his photography, art, and writing at You can also connect with Kevin via Facebook and Twitter
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