Essere Magazine May 2013-

Essere Magazine May 2013

I had the opportunity to work with some amazing talent down in Savannah, GA earlier this year. Starla, a good friend and awesome model had arranged a group of creative types together with the idea of a magazine submission. “Sure, why not?” I thought when she asked if I wanted to shoot it.

Why not indeed.

A few messages exchanged between us as I was brought up to speed on the other people involved. A makeup artist was scheduled to come down from Atlanta with another model and that was when I was intrigued. Not everyone travels 5-6 hours when the market is fairly busy where they’re at. Let’s make it even more interesting by adding in some hot designs from a trendy boutique shall we? I’d like to think we had a pretty creative pot of talent on a slightly windy Savannah afternoon. Despite the cold wind of an early Spring, I’d say the creative gumbo we made warmed everyone involved. I included a handful of images that weren’t submitted, but wanted to share the recipe with you guys. 🙂

The ingredients:                                                                                                                              Models: Starla & Stephanie                                                                                                             MUA/H: Stephanie Floyd assisted by Becki Nicole                                                           Designs: Dorian McCaskill & LuLu’s Boutique of Beaufort                                           Photographed by Kevin Maurice                                                                                      Publishing: Essere Magazine Volume 2 Issue 5 May 2013

Starla & Steph1 Starla & Steph2 Starla & Steph3 Starla & Steph4 Starla & Steph5 Starla & Steph6 Starla & Steph7 Starla & Steph8 Starla & Steph9 Starla & Steph10 Starla & Steph11 Starla & Steph12



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