Citadel Beach House Isle of Palms wedding

Joshua & Erica = Married.

There’s nothing better than smelling the ocean breeze on a sunny day. Unless of course there’s cake involved. Or a wedding. Come to think of it, all these elements combined actually make for a pretty fantastic day. Make that a pretty fantastic day for a Citadel Beach house isle of palms wedding.

Joshua was definitely one cool groom. He had confidence in his stride that said “I have arrived”. You couldn’t deny he was one happy guy and this was his moment…..Until Erica walked in. Erica had a calming beauty that that made you feel good just being in her space. The look Joshua gave her was undeniable – he loved this woman. I was very fortunate to capture some moments for this charming couple on their wedding day. Citadel beach house weddings are the best. Beach, sand, ocean breeze, and wedding cake.

One fantastic day indeed.

Josh & Erica1 Josh & Erica1-4 Josh & Erica1-2 Josh & Erica1-5 Josh & Erica1-6 Josh & Erica1-7 Josh & Erica1-9 Josh & Erica1-8


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