SMAPG Meetup & Roundtable discussion

People that meet me are quick to find out 2 things about me- I love to share, and I love photography. What could be better than a forum where you can do both? This past weekend I had an opportunity to speak to a group of photographers from the Atlanta area. Friends and associates from differing genres of photography came together at 1SO Studios to share techniques and discuss the business of photography. I would be remiss to omit that cake was involved.  (My other love to a not-so lesser degree)

While I don’t typically do photography workshops, I found myself at ease in front of the projector explaining a particular lighting setup. The one thing that seemed to be missing was time, as I found that I can be long-winded in discussing the way we view color, composition, ambient light, and other subjects that end up on the camera’s sensor.

Although I find myself attending more workshops and discussions than I facilitate, the South Metro Atlanta Photography group made me feel at home and in my element. I’m finding myself spending more time structuring lesson plans as I thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality and hope to have the opportunity to share again.  I would like to thank Anthony Westmoreland for the use of his projector, Thomas Colvin III for the assist with the setup and imagery, Corey Wendell Williams for the behind-the-scenes footage, and Leonard Life’s Essence of 1SO Studio for the warm hospitality. And a special shout out to my newfound friend, Kennesha Powell, for catering to my weakness for delicious cake.

I’d also like to send a special thanks to everyone that made it out to the roundtable. You guys are the best.





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Kevin Maurice is a published, Bridal, High School Senior, and Lifestyle portrait photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina. Enjoy more of his photography, art, and writing at You can also connect with Kevin via Facebook and Twitter
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  1. Very informative workshop and I am glad I attended

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