High School Senior: Travis

Circa July 2014-

At first glance, Travis struck me as just a little bit more than your average High School senior. In a photographer’s sense he’s probably the ‘unicorn’ of High School senior reps. Athletic, smart, handsome, respectful, and all around good guy. Besides having a keen eye for fashion, Travis is all about fitness and works out with a trainer to stay in shape.

While editing this particular session, Kenny Loggins happened to cue up on the iPod. Coincidence? Perhaps.  I’d color myself crazy if Travis didn’t remind me of Kevin Bacon in ‘Footloose’. (I realize  I’m dangerously close to giving away my age here.) I mentioned the same on our Facebook page dedicated to seniors The Senior Project with KMP. When a good friend and awesome photographer Larry Sanders mentioned he looked like a young Bon Jovi, I decided to take another look.

Well damn. (I guess you can see what sparked me to start blogging again.)

You guys decide.

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