Isle of Palms Wedding with Kevin

Brittany and Josh wanted their Charleston wedding to be intimate and casual, with breezy shirts and toes in the sand! After Josh proposed, they knew the Isle of Palms would be the perfect place to celebrate their love of nautical history, family, and each other.

Isle of Palms beach is both beautiful and breathtaking, and the pastel pinks in the ceremony’s color palette added the perfect soft touch to the scenery.

Isle of Palms Wedding-10
Isle of Palms Wedding-9
Isle of Palms Wedding-7
Isle of Palms Wedding
Isle of Palms Wedding-13


Isle of Palms Wedding-20
Isle of Palms Wedding-17
Isle of Palms Wedding-26
Isle of Palms Wedding-28
Isle of Palms Wedding-33
Isle of Palms Wedding-44
Isle of Palms Wedding-49
Isle of Palms Wedding-46
Isle of Palms Wedding-50
Isle of Palms Wedding-66
Isle of Palms Wedding-64
Isle of Palms Wedding-43
Isle of Palms Wedding-73
Isle of Palms Wedding-74
Isle of Palms Wedding-75
Isle of Palms Wedding-57
Isle of Palms Wedding-93
Isle of Palms Wedding-100
Isle of Palms Wedding-98
Isle of Palms Wedding-97
Isle of Palms Wedding-96
Isle of Palms Wedding-91


Wedding Planner: Reynolds Treasures
Florist: Island Bouquets

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Cooper River Room Wedding with Kevin

It’s truly difficult to beat the beautiful hues that come with a fall wedding! For this wedding from last October, Veronica and Melvin chose a color palette of purple and orange, which was the perfect color combination for the setting. I loved the venue, which overlooked the magnificent Arthur Ravenel Bridge. The Cooper River Room definitely added the “city” element to the wedding that was a must for this Atlanta couple!

Cooper River Room Wedding-3
Cooper River Room Wedding-12
Cooper River Room Wedding-7
Cooper River Room Wedding-35
Cooper River Room Wedding-37
Cooper River Room Wedding-11
Cooper River Room Wedding-27
Cooper River Room Wedding-55
Cooper River Room Wedding-63
Cooper River Room Wedding-65
Cooper River Room Wedding-68
Cooper River Room Wedding-59
Cooper River Room Wedding-56
Cooper River Room Wedding-69
Cooper River Room Wedding-71
Cooper River Room Wedding-58
Cooper River Room Wedding-82
Cooper River Room Wedding-91
Cooper River Room Wedding-92
Cooper River Room Wedding-112
Cooper River Room Wedding-20
Cooper River Room Wedding-120
Cooper River Room Wedding-115
Cooper River Room Wedding-110
Cooper River Room Wedding-119
Cooper River Room Wedding-121


Wedding Planning: Reynolds Treasures 

Venue: Cooper River Room 

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Sullivan’s Island Wedding with Kevin

Ashley and Brian wanted their Charleston wedding to be intimate and casual. Breach Inlet, a place of deceptive beauty and fascinating history was the perfect place to celebrate their love of nautical history, family, and each other.

They chose a neutral color palette so that they didn’t take away from the natural beauty around them. The rustic wood and lanterns played wonderfully into their nautical theme!

Charleston Wedding-93
Charleston Wedding-17
Charleston Wedding-12
Charleston Wedding-21
Charleston Wedding-19
Charleston Wedding-24
Charleston Wedding-30
Charleston Wedding-31
Charleston Wedding-35
Charleston Wedding-57
Charleston Wedding-40
Charleston Wedding-44
Charleston Wedding-51
Charleston Wedding-55
Charleston Wedding-60
Charleston Wedding-65
Charleston Wedding-82
Charleston Wedding-86
Charleston Wedding-78
Charleston Wedding-81
Charleston Wedding-2
Charleston Wedding-88


Charleston Wedding-96
Charleston Wedding-95
Charleston Wedding-92
Charleston Wedding-72


Planning:  Reynolds Treasures 

Catering – The Boat House at Breach Inlet 

Florist – Island Bouquets

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White Pointe Gardens Wedding with Kevin

Leanna and Josh had an outdoor wedding on the grounds of White Pointe Garden, a beautiful park in Charleston, SC. The couple chose varied shades of bright pink, orange and purple for the color palette, which looked even more vibrant surrounded by the lush scenery. White Pointe Garden is known for its rich history, so it was an obvious choice for the couple to have the reception at 5 Church, an old church that has been converted into a restaurant. The couple celebrated their love at the reception, dancing on the patio with rich brick walls adding the perfect amount of historic charm to the backdrop.


Charleston Wedding-3
Charleston Wedding-10
Charleston Wedding-5
Charleston Wedding-4
Charleston Wedding-26
Charleston Wedding-27
Charleston Wedding-31
Charleston Wedding-46
Charleston Wedding-48
Charleston Wedding-36
Charleston Wedding-40
Charleston Wedding-38
Charleston Wedding-54
Charleston Wedding-93


Charleston Wedding-56
Charleston Wedding-59
Charleston Wedding-69


Charleston Wedding-71
Charleston Wedding-72
Charleston Wedding-73
Charleston Wedding-76
Charleston Wedding-83
Charleston Wedding-81
Charleston Wedding-77
Charleston Wedding-96
Charleston Wedding-98
Charleston Wedding-91
Charleston Wedding-99
Charleston Wedding-100
Charleston Wedding-87

Wedding Planner: Reynolds Treasures 

Venue: 5 Church 

Transport: Lowcountry Trolley

Cake: Sweet Rhi 

Cocktail Party: Blind Tiger Pub

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Folly Beach Wedding with Kevin

For Melissa and Brock, deciding to have their wedding at Folly Beach was a no-brainer. Brock is currently living his dream as an engineer on a merchant marine vessel and Melissa fell in love with the city of Charleston after visiting one summer. The couple decided to go with a nautical theme on their big day to give a nod to Brock’s career and their love of the water and Charleston.  Their ceremony took place right on the beach and the Tides, located on Folly Beach, SC made for the perfect backdrop to continue their love story.  Melissa wore a simple lace dress and accented her color palette with blush and navy.  The nautical theme continued with their beach inspired wedding cake and lantern centerpieces.

Folly Beach Wedding-46
Folly Beach Wedding-47
Folly Beach Wedding-49


Folly Beach Wedding
Folly Beach Wedding-4


Folly Beach Wedding-71
Folly Beach Wedding-45
Folly Beach Wedding-37


Folly Beach Wedding-67
Folly Beach Wedding-68


Folly Beach Wedding-11
Folly Beach Wedding-9
Folly Beach Wedding-17

Hair & Make up: Covergirl Brides
Venue: Tides Folly Beach
DJ: Mike Bills Entertainment
Wedding Planner: Reynolds Treasures

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The bridal portrait

Why the bridal portrait? With landscapes that offer beautiful scenery, and studios that offer climate & lighting control, does it make sense to take advantage of an opportunity to do a dress & make-up ‘rehearsal’ prior to your big day? We think so.

The reasons are many for some, not so much for others. Here are a few reasons why we think bridal portraits are important, and why you should consider them.

  1. No rush, no fuss. The day of is typically fast-paced and hectic, often stressful. Relax knowing that your portraits have been completed beforehand, so no need to rush yourself preparing for the portrait the day of. Save that time for some quiet reflection, or perhaps some fun with your bridesmaids.
  2. Knowing exactly what you will look like in your dress and how it photographs. Seeing yourself in images before your big day, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be looking your best.

    3. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with your photographer. Handing over the lighting, location, and other details to your photographer will make for fantastic imagery. Also understanding the workflow and personality of your photographer will help you remain at ease during your big day.


    4. Time & Opportunity to get creative! What is your fantasy? How do you envision yourself as a bride? Explore a site or location that you’ve always pictured yourself in and create more than a portrait- Create a stunning, iconic image that features you being as beautiful and stunning as you care to imagine.


    5. Gifts! Personal notes and an image of you make perfect gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Take a peek at a cool video on our perspectives of the bridal portrait 

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The Island House Wedding with Kevin

Casey & Richard decided that their big day was going to be nautical-themed for their love of the water. The Island House, located on Johns Island, SC made for the perfect backdrop.

The Island House sits on a private island on the banks of the Stono River. With stunning sunsets, a 180 degree view of the river, and a constant island breeze you can be assured to have your own little piece of the Lowcountry.

Island House Wedding-5
Island House Wedding
Island House Wedding-3
Island House Wedding-4
Island House Wedding-6
Island House Wedding-17
Island House Wedding-18
Island House Wedding-19
Island House Wedding-24
Island House Wedding-22
Island House Wedding-28
Island House Wedding-29
Island House Wedding-31
Island House Wedding-32
Island House Wedding-43
Island House Wedding-53
Island House Wedding-55
Island House Wedding-56
Island House Wedding-68
Island House Wedding-71
Island House Wedding-69
Island House Wedding-73
Island House Wedding-100
Island House Wedding-103
Island House Wedding-97
Island House Wedding-82
Island House Wedding-83
Island House Wedding-84
Island House Wedding-109
Island House Wedding-108
Island House Wedding-112

Caterer: Good Food Catering

DJ/Band: Kenny Mann & Liquid Pleasure

Florist: Pretty Petals of Charleston

Wedding Dress Retailer: Bellasposa Bridal

Wedding Planner: Historic Rice Mill – Jenna DeSavino

Photography: Kevin Maurice

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McLeod Plantation Weddings with Kevin

Rustic, Historic, Beautiful.

McLeod Plantation has borne witness to some of the most significant periods of Charleston’s – and our nations – history. Today McLeod Plantation is an important 37-acre Gullah/Geechee heritage site that has been carefully preserved in recognition of its cultural and historical significance. Add the fact that this is a fantastic place for your Charleston Wedding.

Holly & Justin were made for each other and the balance their love creates is quite noticeable. We’re honored & privileged that Kevin Maurice Photography was selected to capture their nuptials on such a beautiful, historic site. The setting, the décor, and of course their love made for a fantastic celebration.

Even the moon made a presence to wrap this fantastic Charleston evening.

McLeod Plantation Wedding-1
McLeod Plantation Wedding-2
McLeod Plantation Wedding-3
McLeod Plantation Wedding-4
McLeod Plantation Wedding-5
McLeod Plantation Wedding-7
McLeod Plantation Wedding-6
McLeod Plantation Wedding-11
McLeod Plantation Wedding-9
McLeod Plantation Wedding-13
McLeod Plantation Wedding-15
McLeod Plantation Wedding-16
McLeod Plantation Wedding-18
McLeod Plantation Wedding-19
McLeod Plantation Wedding-20
McLeod Plantation Wedding-22
McLeod Plantation Wedding-23
McLeod Plantation Wedding-24
McLeod Plantation Wedding-25
McLeod Plantation Wedding-28
McLeod Plantation Wedding-31
McLeod Plantation Wedding-30
McLeod Plantation Wedding-32
Caterer – Home Team BBQ of Charleston, SC
Wedding Planner- A Charleston Event – Holly Simpson
Wedding Dress  – BHLDN, 4056 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX, 77027 @bhldn
Music – Charleston Virtuosi – Wedding String Quartet | Electric Violinist | DJ -@Peterkiral
Location – McLeod Plantation Historic Site, 325 Country Club Drive, Charleston, SC, 29412
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Charleston, South Carolina

The First Baptist Church was the location for Cathryn & Phillip’s nuptials. The historic Baptist church in Charleston boasts one of the oldest Baptist congregations in the south. This provided the perfect backdrop to capture their love & happily ever after. Despite the southern heat, this energetic couple was cool as a cucumber.

We were blessed and thankful for the honor to capture love & new beginnings for this awesome couple.

first baptist wedding-5
first baptist wedding-2
first baptist wedding-6
first baptist wedding-1
first baptist wedding-7
first baptist wedding-8
first baptist wedding-3
first baptist wedding-4
first baptist wedding-10
first baptist wedding-11
first baptist wedding-12
first baptist wedding-17
first baptist wedding-14
first baptist wedding-9
first baptist wedding-18
first baptist wedding-19
first baptist wedding-20
first baptist wedding-21
first baptist wedding-23
first baptist wedding-24
first baptist wedding-22
first baptist wedding-25
first baptist wedding-26
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Charleston Engagements with Kevin

Charleston. Waterfront Park. Engaged. Check, check, & check.

This landmark is a popular spot for both locals and visitors alike. While it seems I spend an awful many hours there, the landscape is always a welcome retreat for folks like me.

For folks like Michelle & Beau, its an equally welcome landscape to view while they promise each other love & happiness for years to come. We’re honored to be a part of Michelle & Beau’s engagement, and look forward to their wedding in the next few months.

Waterfront Park Engagements-2
Waterfront Park Engagements-4
Waterfront Park Engagements-3
Waterfront Park Engagements-3
Waterfront Park Engagements-5
Waterfront Park Engagements-12
Waterfront Park Engagements-11
Waterfront Park Engagements-9
Waterfront Park Engagements-7
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